Friday, August 02, 2002

Few more signings: Old man Igor Larionov returns for one more year with the Detroit Red Wings. Left winger Brent Gilchrist signed with Nashville.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Dead man walking – Theo Fleury tries to suck it up and salvage a waning career.

The product of a drunken abusive old man and a junior coach whose strategy included sticking his dick up the ass of the young boys whom he commanded, Theo Fleury’s career more closely resembled a ride on the ancient Flyer at the Canadian National Exhibition, than the glamour of a life of privilege of a professional athlete.

Fleury's on-ice behaviour was so erratic, there were questions raised about whether he was mentally fit to represent Canada at the Olympic tournament in Salt Lake City.

As it turned out, Fleury's golden Olympic experience was like a brief escape from hell. In a checking, energy role, Fleury performed effectively for Canada while staying away from the kind of meltdowns that could have let down his country.
Fortunately for Canada, only the Rangers had to endure moments such as Fleury leaving the team bench long before the end of a hockey game, Fleury taunting Eric Cairns with the "chicken dance" and breaking the New York Islander goon's stick at the Rangers' bench, or Fleury delivering an obscene gesture toward Islanders fans.

Oh, and did we mention his memorable fight with the San Jose Sharks' mascot?

What a surprise that the Rangers declined to pick up the $7-million U.S. option on Fleury's contract. He became an unrestricted free agent on July 1 and while a handful of NHL teams have shown interest, the tiny winger that generates those giant headlines said he didn't want to think about a new deal until August.